National Association of Proscutor Coordinators Welcome to the Realm of Oded Fehr.  We call him "The Beautiful One" and since he played Ardeth Bay, the fierce and beautiful Med-jai warrior in "The Mummy", Oded's fan base has steadily grown.
Here you will find fan fiction, wallpapers, works of art, and other artistic expressions submitted by Oded's loyal followers. Find every thing you wanted to know about Oded, and join his circle of devoted followers. 

This site is owned and operated by Raven Fehr & Lady Elaina, monitored in part by Medjai Babe.  We welcome you to come and enjoy the rich and wonderful works posted here.  Discover why we call him, "The Beautiful One"  


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    The stories on this site belong solely to the authors who wrote them. All original characters belong to the authors, all others characters are copy writed. No one makes any money from these stories and no infringement is intended. Please do not copy any images or stories from this site without the permission of the author unless it is for your own private viewing. We are all loyal and devoted fans of Mr. Fehr and no offense is meant to Mr. Fehr or his family. Thank you for visiting The Realm of Oded Fehr.

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